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When Hearts Take Flight

When Hearts Take Flight

by Kathleen Rouser

FBT review:

Looking for a heartwarming romance that will take you on a journey of love and self-discovery? Look no further than "When Hearts Take Flight" by Kathleen Rouser. In this captivating novel, Talia Sampson finds herself burdened with the responsibility of her deceased aunt's advice column, her special needs niece, and a neglected Victorian home. The last thing she needs is a charming handyman, Ben Tanner, who stirs up emotions she thought she had buried. But as they discover forgotten family heirlooms and embark on a daring adventure in a vintage hot-air balloon, Talia and Ben begin to see that love can heal even the deepest wounds. With secrets, doubts, and trust issues threatening to tear them apart, can they find the courage to take a leap of faith and find a second chance at love? Prepare to be swept away in this enchanting tale of romance and redemption. Don't miss out on this indie book that will leave you inspired and wanting more. Order your copy of "When Hearts Take Flight" today!

Publisher Description:

Bound by duty and grief, Talia Sampson takes on her deceased aunt's advice column, a worn-out Victorian home, and has the care of her special needs niece. The last thing Talia needs is a handyman who causes a flutter in her heart. Enter new veteran, Ben Tanner, who shows up on her doorstep. With no family and broken by war, he wonders where home is. At the address the veteran’s program gave him, a frosty welcome from Talia isn’t what he expects. But with his skill set, he might have something to offer her for a few nights lodging. Talia and Ben discover two Sampson family heirlooms in the garage. Talia treasures the forgotten journal, but she secretly fears what finding the hot-air balloon could mean. Between a secret that shatters his trust and Talia’s self-doubt, it may take more than a leap of faith and going airborne in an antique balloon to overcome what keeps them apart—and find a second chance at love.

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