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In All My Wishes

In All My Wishes (Riverbend Book 2)

by Ciara Knight

FBT review:

Discover a captivating second chance romance in "In All My Wishes" by Ciara Knight, the second installment of the heartwarming Riverbend Book series. Escape into this small-town love story as Anna Baker, torn from her childhood home and the love of her life at fifteen, vows to return after graduating high school. Meanwhile, Professor Liam Harrow, once hopeful for Anna's return, has hardened his heart to love. As they both search for a way to save their cherished childhood memories from the wrecking ball, secrets unravel and the truth about Anna's departure surfaces, threatening their memories, present, and future. Perfect for fans of indie romance novels, "In All My Wishes" is a novel that blends past and present, love and redemption, holding the power to captivate readers and leave them yearning for more.

Publisher Description:

Escape with this second chance, small-town romance.

At the age of fifteen, Anna Baker was ripped from her childhood home, and her one true love, vowing to return the minute she graduated high school.

Professor Liam Harrow once believed his childhood sweetheart would return home to him, but during college, he faced reality and hardened his heart to love.

When Historic Hall faces demolition, both Anna and Liam search for options to save their childhood memories, but when secrets unravel and the truth of Anna’s childhood departure is revealed, it could corrupt their memories, risk their present, and destroy their future.

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