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Checkmate: A Deadly Game of Cyber Espionage

Checkmate: A Deadly Game of Cyber Espionage (House of Beads Cozy Mystery Series Book 3)

by Mary Jane Forbes

FBT review:

Welcome to the thrilling world of cyber espionage in Mary Jane Forbes' Checkmate: A Deadly Game of Cyber Espionage. In this exciting romance novel, readers are introduced to Brenda Kittles, an IT expert working for a prestigious architectural firm in Daytona Beach. When a cyber breach occurs under her watch, Brenda teams up with the town's hardworking police captain, Manny Salinas, to uncover a conspiracy that could bring down the entire city.

As the duo follows the trail of a chess-obsessed hacker, they must navigate through Europe to save Catherine's company from collapse. With interwoven plots, colorful local characters, and a dash of romance, Checkmate keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

Perfect for fans of indie book titles, this clever page-turner offers a thrilling ride through the world of cybercrime and unearths unexpected connections. Whether you're searching for your next favorite read or looking to delve into the world of cyber espionage, Checkmate is a must-read. Pick up a copy today and prepare to be captivated by Mary Jane Forbes' gripping storytelling skills.

Publisher Description:

A cyber breach worth millions. A conspiracy that could take down a city. A detective and an IT expert may be the town’s only hope…

Brenda Kittles is excited for her new start as a computer security expert for a prestigious Daytona Beach architectural firm. But her anxiety builds when an explosion and a dead body point to a cyber crime on her watch. Eager to please her new boss Catherine Hainsworth, she shares the evidence with the city’s hardest working police captain.

Manny Salinas is just moving on from Catherine when the cyber breach sends him right back to her. Doing his best to put his old flame out of his mind, he and Brenda realize the chess-obsessed hacker may want to play a game with millions of dollars. With the help of his second in command, the captain and the rookie computer expert must track the criminal across Europe to keep Catherine’s company alive.

Can Brenda and Manny save the firm from collapse or will the devious cyber thief send Daytona Beach reeling?

Checkmate is the third standalone book in the intriguing House of Beads romantic suspense series. If you like interwoven plots, colorful local characters, and a dash of romance, then you’ll love Mary Jane Forbes’ clever page-turner.

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