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Queen of the Sun

Queen of the Sun

by Janeen O'Kerry

FBT review:

Step into a world of romance and adventure with "Queen of the Sun," the captivating first book in the Celtic Journeys Series by Janeen O'Kerry. Perfect for fans of time-travel romance and those seeking an enchanting escape from reality, this novel combines the allure of ancient Ireland with the complexity of a Shakespearean tale.

Meet Terri, a headstrong and captivating modern woman torn between two worlds. When she is inexplicably drawn back in time, she finds herself in the arms of the powerful Irish king, Conaire. As their love grows, Terri must make a choice: remain in the world she knows and keep her freedom, or stay with Conaire and become his queen, bound by the rules of an ancient and untamed land.

"Queen of the Sun" will transport you to a vivid and beautifully crafted Celtic world, rich in history and romance. With its blend of time travel, passionate love, and the struggle for independence, this book is sure to captivate readers who are searching for an indie title that leaves them longing for more. Don't miss this enchanting and enthralling tale – grab your copy of "Queen of the Sun" today. Available on

Publisher Description:

Celtic Journeys Series: Time-travel romance meets The Taming of the Shrew when a modern woman is drawn back to the arms of a powerful Irish king. The headstrong and beautiful Terri is torn between keeping her freedom in the world she knows and staying with her beloved King Conaire, where she must become his queen and yield to the rules of a wild and ancient world.

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