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Taming My Grumpy Billionaire Boss: An Enemies to Lovers Age Gap Romance

Taming My Grumpy Billionaire Boss: An Enemies to Lovers Age Gap Romance

by Emily Street

FBT review:

Step into the world of Emily Street's captivating romance novel, "Taming My Grumpy Billionaire Boss." This enemies-to-lovers age gap romance will have you on the edge of your seat from the very first page.

Experience the rollercoaster ride that unfolds as the young protagonist lands her dream job, only to find herself face-to-face with a grumpy and demanding billionaire boss. Their constant clashes create a toxic work environment, but beneath the surface, there is an undeniable attraction neither can ignore.

As the tension between them escalates, they must navigate their complicated feelings while trying to succeed in the high-tech world. With his intense gaze, salt and pepper hair, and chiseled physique, he becomes her weakness and her deepest desire.

But can love blossom in such a tumultuous workplace? Will the power balance shift, revealing a softer side to the billionaire? And when a surprising twist changes everything, will it be enough to tame this beast?

Join Emily Street on a journey filled with passion, intensity, and undeniable chemistry. Find out if love can conquer all in this gripping enemies-to-lovers romance, available now on

Treat yourself to "Taming My Grumpy Billionaire Boss" today, and let yourself be swept away by this spellbinding tale of forbidden love.

Publisher Description:

I got my dream job right out of college and it’s a living nightmare.

He makes me cry. He makes me cringe. But he’s so hot…
One minute I want to run away, the next I want to throw myself at his feet.
He’s whip-smart with a sharp tongue that can flay your skin.
His icy blue eyes, salt and pepper hair, and rock-hard body is my weakness.
We both know it’s wrong but we are in too deep to stop.

I’m determined to survive his high tech-jungle and maybe being a daddy will tame this beast.

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