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by Tamara Ferguson

FBT review:

Discover the captivating world of romance with "That Captivating Kiss" by Tamara Ferguson. In this electrifying tale, Special FBI Agent Brynn Landers is working undercover in her hometown of Crystal Rock to investigate a human trafficking ring. When she shares a mesmerizing kiss with Army Ranger Nick Foley, she knows she's found her soulmate, but circumstances tear them apart.

Years later, fate brings them together again, but Nick is shocked by Brynn's lack of horror at his critical injuries. As they navigate their complicated past and uncertain future, they must confront their feelings and the truth behind their connection.

With its blend of suspense, passion, and unexpected twists, "That Captivating Kiss" will keep you on the edge of your seat. Tamara Ferguson's engaging storytelling and well-developed characters make this book a must-read for fans of gripping romance novels.

If you're in search of an indie book that will ignite your imagination, dive into the world of "That Captivating Kiss" and let yourself be swept away by its spellbinding tale.

Publisher Description:

When Special FBI Agent Brynn Landers shares a captivating kiss with Army Ranger, Nick Foley, she knows she’s met the man of her dreams, although Nick gets the wrong impression since she’s working undercover. When they meet again four years later after Nick is critically injured, will fate give them a second chance?

When it appears that a human trafficking ring is operating once more in the town of Crystal Rock, Special FBI Agent Brynn Landers has returned to her hometown to work undercover for an indefinite amount of time at the local bank, monitoring unusual financial activity.

Home on leave, Army Ranger Nick Foley is visiting his best friend in Crystal Rock for a short vacation when he’s instantly drawn to a lovely woman he meets at Dragonfly Pointe.

When Brynn and Nick share a captivating kiss, Brynn knows she’s met the man of her dreams.

But when Brynn discovers Nick is in town visiting her brother, she loses hope, at least for the time being. Her undercover assignment requires her to work with a male partner, who’s posing as her boyfriend.

Three years later, Nick’s been critically injured, but survives. When Brynn and Nick meet again by chance another year later, Nick is taken aback by Brynn’s reaction to his injuries. Why isn’t she horrified? But once again, Nick gets the wrong impression when he discovers she has another boyfriend.

Nick is restless, not wanting to settle for working at his father’s car dealership, so he accepts a job he’s offered at the wounded warrior home in Crystal Rock.

But little does he know that his background as a ranger has something to do with why he was hired, and when he’s asked to partner with an FBI agent to do occasional surveillance, he accepts.

Will fate step in to give Brynn and Nick another chance?

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