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Jeli: Condo For Sale. Dead man not included!

Jeli: Condo For Sale. Dead man not included! (Bradley Farm Series Book 4)

by Mary Jane Forbes

FBT review:

Looking for an indie romance mystery to sink your teeth into? Look no further than "Jeli: Condo For Sale. Dead man not included!" by Mary Jane Forbes. This thrilling addition to the Bradley Farm series follows interior designer Jeli Bradley as she embarks on a career-defining project. When a resident in the condo complex she's decorating is found murdered, Jeli must navigate a web of dark secrets and crooked investors to solve the case and save her design. With a spunky heroine, stunning makeovers, and riveting suspense, this high-rise whodunit is sure to captivate fans of indie books. If you're searching for your next compelling read, look no further than "Jeli." Get your copy today and unleash your inner designer!

Publisher Description:

A promising project. A deadly hidden secret. Can one interior designer catch the killer before her career is dead on arrival?

With a splash of paint and the perfect signature piece, Jeli Bradley can transform any apartment into a work of art. Despite her talent, she can't find a client willing to take a chance on an untested designer. When a brash young contractor taps her to decorate his Boston condo complex, she eagerly takes on the trial project… despite her complete ignorance of the Asian-inspired aesthetic.

Determined to win the bid, she immerses herself in traditional Chinese design, catching the eye of both her new boss and a condo financer’s handsome grandson. But when the building's first resident is found murdered, Jeli's career-defining design teeters on the edge of collapse. To keep the project on track, the designer must navigate a web of dark secrets and crooked investors. With her career riding on an unstable deck of cards, Jeli has no choice but to solve the case before everything comes crashing down.

Jeli is the fourth standalone romantic mystery in the compelling Bradley Farm family saga series. If you like spunky heroines, stunning home makeovers, and riveting suspense, then you’ll love Mary Jane Forbes’ high-rise whodunit.

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