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Finn: Hops & Hugs... distilled with danger!

Finn: Hops & Hugs... distilled with danger! (Bradley Farm Series Book 3)

by Mary Jane Forbes

FBT review:

Escape into a world of romance and danger in Finn: Hops & Hugs... distilled with danger! This heartwarming yet thrilling romantic mystery by Mary Forbes is the perfect indie book for readers looking for their next unforgettable read.

Finn is a divorced man trying to rebuild his life by taking up a temporary bartending gig in his parents' farmhouse. That's when he meets a beautiful blonde stranger with a dark secret who captures his heart and takes him on a journey of love, danger, and suspense. As Finn pursues his dream of opening a brewery, he finds himself entangled in a dangerous bitcoin scheme that could cost him everything, including the trust of his new love.

This standalone novel is part of the exciting Bradley Farm family saga series, and it promises to keep readers on the edge of their seats with an exhilarating plot and endearing characters. If you're a fan of warm-hearted heroes, gripping suspense, and second-chance stories, don't hesitate to buy Finn on Amazon today. It's the perfect indie book to add to your reading list!

Publisher Description:

He’s healing from a broken marriage. She’s running from a dark secret. Will they find love before a killer breaks their hearts?

Divorced and living in his parent’s farmhouse, Finn feels like he’s moving backward. But when his temporary bartending gig brings a beautiful blonde into his life, he thinks his bad fortune may have finally turned around…

Determined to win her heart and provide for her adorable daughter, he dusts off his old dream of opening a brewery. But the bar owner’s dangerous secrets could cast a dark cloud over his bright new future. Before he knows it, Finn finds himself tangled in a treacherous bitcoin scheme and targeted by a killer with his sights set on his new love.

With his bad luck on the rise, will Finn put his dreams—and his life on the line—for a beautiful woman he isn’t sure he can trust?

Finn is the third standalone romantic mystery in the exhilarating Bradley Farm family saga series. If you like warm-hearted heroes, gripping suspense, and second-chance stories, then you’ll love Mary Jane Forbes’ compelling tale.

Buy Finn to brew up a refreshing romantic mystery today!

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