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Where Are You

Where Are You

by Sally Bryan

FBT review:

Looking for a captivating romance novel that will keep you hooked from start to finish? Look no further than "Where Are You" by Sally Bryan. This indie book is a heartwarming tale of forbidden love, friendship, and redemption that will leave you wanting more.

After a chance encounter at her Cambridge initiation, the timid and shy Erin finds herself drawn to the confident and eccentric Gianna. Against all odds, they fall in love, only for Gianna to disappear, leaving Erin heartbroken. Ten years later, Erin has built a new life but can't shake the memories of her lost love.

As fate intervenes, Erin is forced to confront her past and make a life-altering decision. Will she risk it all to find Gianna again? What happened all those years ago? With engaging characters and a compelling storyline, "Where Are You" is a must-read for fans of indie romance novels.

If you're looking for your next great read, this book will not disappoint. Don't wait, grab your copy of "Where Are You" today and join Erin on her journey to rediscover love.

Publisher Description:

Her first love disappeared...

Ten years later, a strange twist of fate forces a life-changing decision.

Surrounded by strangers at her Cambridge initiation, the chronically shy Erin suffers a panic attack in the middle of the atrium. Out of her depth, she decides to flee, University is not for her.

And that's when she blunders into a foreign student from Italy.

Gianna is confident, sassy and eccentric, everything Erin's not, and for some reason, she's taking the timid girl under her wing. But she has a secret, and it's one she can't even tell her new best friend.

It should never have happened, they were so different, yet unexpectedly, they fall in love.

Then Gianna disappears, breaking Erin's heart and throwing her back into a negative spiral of loss.

A decade later, the now Doctor Baker has moved on. Or so she thought.

When fate repeatedly conspires to remind Erin of her lost love, she must decide whether to risk destroying everything she's built to find her.

But after so long, will Gianna be happy to reconcile? Why did she disappear so suddenly? And why has Erin not heard from her since?

You'll adore this story of forbidden love, friendship and redemption because love has no time limit.

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