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Fake Fiancee Fiasco: A Friends to Lovers Romance

Fake Fiancee Fiasco: A Friends to Lovers Romance

by Natasha Queen

FBT review:

Looking for a heartwarming romance that combines friendship, love, and a little bit of deception? Look no further than "Fake Fiancée Fiasco: A Friends to Lovers Romance" by Natasha Queen. This standalone book in the Pecan Grove series is a sweet and hilarious tale that will keep you turning the pages until the very end.

Katie, a free-spirited woman, finds herself in a predicament when she receives a wedding invitation without a date. Desperate, she reaches out to her former best friend Max to ask him to be her fake fiancé for the event. Max sees this as an opportunity to salvage a lie he told his mother and agrees to the charade.

However, what starts as a simple plan quickly spirals out of control as feelings resurface and the lies become more complicated. With close quarters, an ex-girlfriend, and an epic field day, Katie and Max find themselves questioning what is real and what is fake.

If you love feel-good romance full of laugh-out-loud moments, then "Fake Fiancée Fiasco" is the perfect choice. Pick up your copy today and get lost in the charming small town of Pecan Grove.

Publisher Description:

When two friends reunite under false pretenses, sparks will fly.

From the author of 'The Brides of Pecan Grove,' here comes another Heartwarming Romantic Comedy.

***** Can be read as a STANDALONE though in a series *****

Katie left her hometown several years ago, leaving behind family, friends, and the boy she secretly loved. When a wedding invitation arrives, Katie is dateless and out of options. Desperate, she calls her former best friend to ask him to go with her.

Max is astonished to see Katie’s number flash across his phone. More than that, he sees an opportunity to salvage a huge lie he told his mother. So when he asks Katie to act as his pretend fiancée, she reluctantly agrees.

It’s a disaster almost right away.

Throw in close quarters, a snobby ex-girlfriend, and an epic field day, and Katie and Max get way more than they signed up for.

The feelings are getting too real, and the lies between them are getting too big.

Will Katie and Max throw this second chance at love away before it even begins?

Find out in this sweet romance set in the small town of Pecan Grove!

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