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The Tao of Star Trek: Finding Your Inner Self Through Outer Space

The Tao of Star Trek: Finding Your Inner Self Through Outer Space Joseph D Di Lella


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Star Trek, the "Wagon Train to the Stars," as Gene Roddenberry coined the expression, has been an iconic television and movie franchise for the past 57 years. Over nine live action series later, and now three animated series, these stories still resonate with the American public and with others around the world for its humanity - in terms of both peaceful and even violent ways people interact with each other in our galaxy. In The Tao of Star Trek: Finding Your Inner Self in Outer Space, Dr. Di Lella, a former freelance pitch artist to Star Trek: Enterprise, examines the very best of stories through the philosophy of both Lao Tzu and Sun Tzu to show fans how the Roddenberry tales represent the very best and worst of mankind. In the three book series, readers are asked to reflect on their lives and apply the metaphors of each story selected for the book into practice in their own lives. In a real sense, this and the other two texts (that examine different series of the franchise) is a self-help read, encouraging readers to see how to better their lives by understanding how past actions, on reflection, can change in a positive way for themselves and everyone they come in contact with today. Star Trek, at best, illustrates the very best and worst of humanity. In the Tao of Star Trek, readers can begin to better understand the messages of peace (Lao Tzu) and war (Sun Tzu) in contemporary society, and the everyday struggles each of us deal with as individuals.