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Under One Sky

Under One Sky

by Zoe Matthews

FBT review:

Embark on a thrilling journey through time with "Under One Sky" by Zoe Matthews. Destiny, a passionate art lover, and Graham, a member of the elite Time Travel Guardians, find themselves intertwined in a captivating adventure that spans centuries. Follow them from modern-day Denver to the year 1879 and back again, as they navigate the complexities of time travel and a blossoming romance. Will Destiny choose to stay with Graham, risking altering the course of history? Immerse yourself in this intriguing blend of mystery, romance, and intrigue, perfect for readers seeking an indie book title that offers a unique twist on time travel. Experience love across time "Under One Sky" today on

Publisher Description:

What if a touch of painting could transport you years back in time? What if a handsome man follows you to help you return to your own time?


Destiny has always had a passion for art and loves her job at an art gallery in Denver. She had once wanted to be an artist herself, but discovered she found more joy in helping other people find the truly talented artists' creations. Her life is simple but satisfying.


Graham is a member of an elite secret agency called Time Travel Guardians. His job is to travel to different time periods and collects time travel devices to bring them to his own time, and store them in a safe government facility. The next device he was assigned to collect is a Clara Moore painting that has been found in an art gallery in Denver.

After literally running into each other, Destiny and Graham begin a great adventure together- to 1879. Once they make it back to 2017, Destiny can't explain the desperate need to stay with Graham when he returns to his own time. Graham is concerned about the new information Destiny will learn about what will be her future. If she learns too much, it could change history.

Come travel through time with Destiny and Graham in this brand new series of time travel, mystery, and intrigue, along with a good old-fashioned love story.

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