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My Playboy Billionaire Protector

My Playboy Billionaire Protector

by Anita Shaw

FBT review:

Embark on a rollercoaster of emotions with "My Playboy Billionaire Protector" by Anita Shaw. Delve into a tale of love, betrayal, and second chances as a shattered heart reunites with an arrogant billionaire playboy after five long years. Can trust be rebuilt, or will history repeat itself? With sparks flying and desires reignited, the gamble of love is on the line. Will you take the chance on this captivating romance novel? Perfect for readers seeking a steamy and emotional rollercoaster ride, this indie book is sure to keep you turning the pages. Experience the wildfire passion and uncover if love can conquer all in this enticing story.

Publisher Description:

Five years ago this arrogant billionaire playboy shattered my heart....

He took what mattered to me the most, only to vanish.

Now he's back

Trust him? No way.

Yet, when he envelopes me in his arms, my defenses didn't just crack—they crumble.

The sparks from our kiss is as a wildfire, instantly uncontrollable.

As much as I try to deny it, my desire for him roars back to life.

He always gets what he wants

With so much at stake, do I dare to gamble on love again?

Time to find out if I'm rolling the dice on love or setting myself up for another heartbreak...

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