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A Curious Affair: A Talking Cat Romantic Mystery

A Curious Affair: A Talking Cat Romantic Mystery (The Curious Series Book 1)

by Melanie Jackson

FBT review:

Looking for a captivating indie book to read next? Dive into "A Curious Affair: A Talking Cat Romantic Mystery" by Melanie Jackson. Join recently widowed Jillian Marsh, who starts hearing cats talking to her after a lightning strike. When a cat brings news of a mysterious accident, Jillian must unravel the truth with the charming new sheriff in town. Melanie Jackson masterfully blends dark fantasy, romance, and quirky humor in this intriguing tale. Perfect for readers seeking a unique and engaging mystery novel, "A Curious Affair" promises twists, humor, and a sprinkle of romance. Transport yourself to a charming Sierra town and uncover secrets with Jillian in this must-read book!

Publisher Description:

Like a Thunderbolt!

Recent widow Jillian Marsh wasn't planning on killing herself that March night, but she hadn't ruled it out, either. It had rained for the last seventeen days -- days in which her jaw was locked and she was unable to speak, supposing there'd been anyone worth addressing. And then there was her cat problem. Ever since she'd been hit by lightning last October, the cats in town had been talking to her. Which meant she was insane, right?

Melanie Jackson writes "a curious combination of dark fantasy and romance leavened with quirky humor."
---Booklist on Still Life

But that night something changed. The cat Atherton appeared with something very interesting to say, about an odd accident that had occurred up the hill. And since Jillian could hardly go to the town's new lawman, who'd been trained in LA and was new to this Sierra town, with a feline eyewitness, it was up to her to find out if there was indeed trouble afoot -- or if this conspiracy and her newfound and unwanted attraction to Sheriff Murphy were all part of an endless hallucination.

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