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The Savage King: A Qurilixen World Novel

The Savage King: A Qurilixen World Novel (Lords of the Var Book 1)

by Michelle M. Pillow

FBT review:

Take a walk on the wild side with "The Savage King: A Qurilixen World Novel (Lords of the Var Book 1)" by Michelle Pillow. This bestselling paranormal romance is a captivating blend of fantasy, romance, and adventure that will transport you to a world where cat-shifting kings rule and love knows no bounds.

When Kirill, the cat-shifting King, unexpectedly takes the throne, he must also deal with the arrival of undercover agent Ulyssa. Trapped together in a primitive alien forest, the sparks between them fly, threatening to ignite a passion neither can resist. But will duty and destiny tear them apart?

With over 1,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads, this tantalizing novel will leave you begging for more. Michelle Pillow's unique storytelling and sense of humor bring this captivating world to life, captivating readers from start to finish.

If you're in the mood for a spellbinding romance with strong, sexy characters and a dash of sci-fi, look no further than "The Savage King." Join the Qurilixen World and get lost in a love story that will leave you wanting more.

Publisher Description:

A girl with a mission…

Agent Ulyssa Payne is on a mission. It's her job to make sure the Medical Mafia leader doesn't leave the planet of Qurilixen. But, when her target is killed by his own daughter, her mission is over. Now, she stuck on a barbarian planet for three months until the Agency comes to get her.

Getting kidnapped by King Attor, she's left in the Var harem to await his return. But, when the King dies in battle and doesn't come for her, she's stuck dealing with his son, the new savage King of the Var. This is one complication Ulyssa didn't need.

A royal complication…

The Var Princes were raised by a hard man who put no stock in love-especially love with one woman. Bred to never take a life mate, these men will do everything in their power to live up to the dead King Attor's expectations and never fall in love.

Kirill is a man who must do his duty, only he didn't expect to do it so soon. When his father dies, he knows it's his destiny to be King. What he didn't expect is the troublesome mistress that's now his to deal with.

Like The Dragon Lords series by Michelle M. Pillow? Come meet the Var! This book picks up where the Dragon Lords left off. However, you do not have to read the series in order.

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