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The Moonlight Pegasus

The Moonlight Pegasus

by C. A. Sabol

FBT review:

Discover a captivating world of romance and fantasy in "The Moonlight Pegasus" by C.S. Johnson. Set in the enchanting desert world of Sapphira, this standalone high fantasy novel will transport you to a realm where gray sunlight casts shadows and a Dark Plague haunts the land.

To save her people, Selene, the reluctant princess, is chosen as the vessel for the Spirit of Truth. Through her dreams, the Spirit takes the form of the majestic Pegasus, the Moonlight Pegasus. As Selene's world faces rebellion and political turmoil, she must navigate the challenges of an arranged marriage and her forbidden love for Etoileon, her protector.

"The Moonlight Pegasus" is a thrilling tale of love, destiny, and the battle between light and darkness. Author C.S. Johnson weaves together vivid imagery, complex characters, and a richly imagined world to create a story that will captivate fans of indie fantasy and romance books. Immerse yourself in this magical adventure today. Available now on

Publisher Description:

Sapphira is a desert world with little plant life, where the people live in the shadows of gray sunlight, sickened by the Dark Plague. To cure the people, the Guardian of Dreams sends the Spirit of Truth to bring the light back into his darkened world. In the form of Pegasus, he enters the world through the pure, innocent dreams of Selene, the reluctant princess and heir-apparent to the throne. Now, with her brother Dorian as king, another rebellion is stirring. All eyes are turning to Selene to bring peace through an arranged marriage. However, Selene only has eyes for her true love—her protector, Etoileon. As the rebellion unleashes its fury upon the kingdom of Sapphira and the supernatural forces collide, Selene is caught in the middle of all conflicts—the battle for her world, the battle for her love, and the battle for her very soul.

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