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The Immortal Beloved

The Immortal Beloved

by D.J. Birch

FBT review:

Discover a forbidden love that will take your breath away in "The Immortal Beloved" by D.J. Birch. This captivating romance follows Elizabeth Clark, a talented violinist with a haunting past, and Remiel, her mysterious guardian angel. As Elizabeth navigates her senior year at a prestigious arts academy in New York City, Remiel becomes her protector and confidant, blurring the lines between duty and desire. With the fate of their worlds at stake, Remiel must choose between his duty as a guardian and his undeniable connection to Elizabeth. Filled with suspense, passion, and heartache, "The Immortal Beloved" is a must-read for lovers of indie romance. Start your journey today.

Publisher Description:

A wayward angel. A haunted violinist. A forbidden love that threatens to consume them.

Since the fateful night of her father’s murder, Elizabeth Clark has always felt a silent protector watching over her, keeping her safe from harm. As she prepares for her rigorous senior year at the prestigious Leonard Anthony Arts Academy, a performing arts high school in New York City, Elizabeth’s wildest dreams come true when her protector reveals himself as Remiel, her guardian angel. Drawn to the one person she considers her only salvation, Elizabeth may realize too late that her defender may also be her damnation.

As a guardian angel of the human race, Remiel may only observe and guide the mortal lives he watches over. He has never been able to interfere no matter how much he desires. No human or guardian has ever been able to break the impenetrable barrier between our world and theirs until Remiel rescues Elizabeth Clark on the night of her father’s murder.

Nearly eight years later, Remiel is summoned back to the now seventeen-year-old's side, only armed with the guidance that Elizabeth will need him now more than ever. Captivated by the beautiful, enigmatic violinist, Remiel, once again, finds himself able to cross the threshold of worlds. As Elizabeth faces the trials and tribulations of her senior year, Remiel is unsure which is the greater danger, the monsters who hunt her from the past or the ones who stalk her in her mind. Caught in a raging battle between his duty and his heart, the one person he has sworn to protect may be the one he cannot resist.

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