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Red Heaven

Red Heaven (Colors of Sin Series Book 1)

by A.L. Long

FBT review:

Welcome to Red Heaven, the captivating first installment of the Colors of Sin series by acclaimed author A.L. Long. This indie romance book is sure to ignite your passion for love and adventure. Rowan is determined to win the heart of his true love, Lainey, but she continuously resists his advances. With their destinies hanging in the balance, can Rowan prove his unwavering devotion? Will their love story end in triumph or heartbreak?

With its tantalizing mix of suspense and romance, Red Heaven is a must-read for fans of indie book titles. If you're in search of your next captivating eBook, allow A.L. Long to whisk you away on a thrilling journey filled with passion, obstacles, and undeniable chemistry. Get your copy of Red Heaven today and experience the irresistible allure of this electrifying series.

Publisher Description:

Rowan was convinced that he and Lainey were meant to be together, and that nothing would stand in his way. But as he pursued her, Lainey refused to accept his advances, making him question everything he believed in. With determination and a will of steel, he set out to prove his love—but the odds were against him. Could Rowan win back the woman of his dreams, or was their story destined to remain a Red Heaven?

Award-winning Author A.L. Long, yet again, brings another brilliant series: Colors of Sins. With a whirlwind of suspense and romance, Rohan’s and Lainey’s story begins in the first book of the series, Red Heaven.

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