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A Sky So Big: A Romantic Adventure

A Sky So Big: A Romantic Adventure

by Ransom Wilcox

FBT review:

Embark on a thrilling romantic adventure with "A Sky So Big" by Ransom Wilcox. This award-winning novel follows a gusty young woman and a Latino man in the midst of a Nevada silver rush scheme, as they search for missing family while facing danger and deception. Set against the backdrop of historic Carson City and the Lake Tahoe region, this clean western romance offers a compelling mix of conflict, mistaken identity, and suspenseful choices. With a multicultural cast and a gripping storyline, this book is perfect for readers craving a blend of romance and mystery. Don't miss this standalone novel filled with authentic detail and heart-stopping moments. Available in paperback, audiobook, and ebook formats.

Publisher Description:

Winner: 2016 International Book Award
2016 Laramie Award finalist
Literary Classics Seal of Approval
Multicultural cast

(Clean western romance) A gusty young woman and a Latino man, both searching for missing family, clash amid a Nevada silver rush scheme that leaves each unsure who to trust—and scrambling to stay alive.

What if you returned from a journey to discover that your family has evaporated and someone else has taken residence in your house—oh, and is trying to kill you? Is the shadowy drifter her ally or her enemy?

You’ll love the genuine conflict, mistaken identity, and rash choices a person must live with when they presume to know what’s what. Set around historic Carson City and the Lake Tahoe region, the writing comes from intimate knowledge of the territory. Having lived off the land, Wilcox depended on his wit, grit, and strength (and on his animals) for survival. He and Beckstrand weave authentic detail, care for the terrain and its creatures, and folksy vernacular in a romantic thriller that will make your heart stop.

Don’t miss this standalone mystery with bonus short story—or listen to the audiobook: To Swallow the Earth (family safe—ages 14 & up; New Adult/Young Adult survival western; also a YA novel/ebook—with a strong female lead, Hispanic protagonist, and a First Nations/Native American Indian family).

Grab your copy of this quick read today. 54,000 words by award-winning author Ransom Wilcox (Horse & Dog Adventures in Early California) and college media instructor Karl Beckstrand (Anna's Prayer—explore all of Beckstrand’s 60 multiracial books); cover by Mike Condie. 5.25”x8” paperback, 200 pages, Premio Publishing (worldwide rights © 2015), Audible, libraries, and major romance book distributors. No AI. Library of Congress control number: 2015937400; FIC027270, FIC027230, FIC027110, FIC022070, FIC002000, FIC030000, FIC033000, FIC056000, FIC059000, JUV001010, JUV002000, JUV028000, JUV029000; FRF, FRJ, YFP, 5JA; Audio ASIN: B07VGP9DC6, eISBN: 978-1311092038, ISBN: 978-0692426777

Promotion: Jul 11, 2024 - Jul 15, 2024

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