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Merciless Vows: A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance

Merciless Vows: A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance (Blood and Thorns Book 1)

by Faith Summers

FBT review:

Introducing "Merciless Vows: A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance (Blood and Thorns Book 1)" by Faith Summers. If you're a fan of captivating indie book titles that push the limits of romance, this thrilling story is sure to ignite your imagination.

Enter a world where darkness and death intertwine, where a gypsy fortune-teller's prophecy sets the stage for an unforgettable journey. Lucca Dyshekov, known as Merciless, emerges as a Bratva assassin, bringing chaos and upheaval into the life of an unsuspecting young woman. As their wedding day approaches, secrets from the past are unveiled, setting off a chain of events that could spark a devastating war.

Prepare to be mesmerized by this dark mafia tale, filled with intense passion, dangerous alliances, and a struggle for survival. But when death looms on the horizon, will the enemy of your enemy become your friend? In this instance, he's her husband.

Please note: "Merciless Vows" contains mature content, graphic violence, and dubious situations that some readers may find triggering. This gripping book is the first in a duet and must be read in order to fully experience the tumultuous journey that awaits you.

Get ready to delve into the gripping world of "Merciless Vows" and discover why readers can't put it down. Dive into this dark and unforgettable love story today.

Publisher Description:

When I was sixteen, a gypsy fortune-teller told me my future held darkness and death.

She was right.

But what she didn’t tell me was I’d lose all my memories and I wouldn’t recognize the devil when he came to steal my life.

Lucca Dyshekov—the Bratva assassin they call Merciless—rose from hell and turned my world upside down.

On our wedding day, he taught me real monsters aren’t the ones who hide in the dark.

They’re the ones who stare you in the face and steal your soul.

On a quest for revenge, he takes me and unearths secrets from the past that will cause a war.

When death lies on the horizon, the enemy of my enemy becomes my friend.

In this instance, he’s my husband.

The real question is when he finishes uncovering the truth, will he keep me or kill me.

Merciless vows is a dark mafia arranged marriage romance. It contains dubious situations, mature content, and graphic violence some readers might find offensive and/or triggering.

This book is part of a duet and is not a standalone.

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