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Love All of Me

Love All of Me (True Love)

by Mollie Mathews

FBT review:

Love All of Me (True Love) is a captivating romance novel by Mollie Mathews that will tug at your heartstrings. Kate Miller, an accident survivor haunted by guilt, throws herself into her work running a successful global manuka honey empire. When Gianni Romano, a handsome and determined businessman, tries to buy her business, their lives become entangled in a passionate battle of wills. As emotions run high and lives hang in the balance, the sparks between Kate and Gianni ignite a fire that could either consume them or lead to a lifetime of love. Set against the stunning backdrop of The Bay of Islands in New Zealand, this true romance is perfect for fans of indie book titles looking for their next gripping read. Whether you're a lover of heartfelt love stories or a fan of Mollie Mathews' bestselling series, True Love Stories, Love All of Me is a must-read that promises a happily ever after.

Publisher Description:

An unexpected lover…

After surviving a horrific accident Kate Miller is plagued by guilt. Hiding both her mental and physical scars, she shuns love and escapes into work—finding meaning and purpose in running her global manuka honey empire.

Beautiful and smart, when Gianni Romano demands she sell the business to him, her passions are inflamed. How dare he think he can buy the only thing that gives her a reason to live?

Gianni Romano has ventured to New Zealand by the one thing he'd love to escape: family The Romano fortune and name has followed him wherever he goes. But that only made the headstrong Italian more determined to strike out on his own. Now he’s on the cusp of achieving world acclaim.

Only one woman stands in his way—Kate Miller and her refusal to submit to his demands. The spark they have flames hotter than a Sicilian sunset, but when emotions run deep and lives are on the line, will mixing business with pleasure be the bedrock for a lifelong love? Or will it all explode like an angry volcano?

Love All of Me is a true romance, brimming with the promise of a happily ever after. Set in The Bay of Islands, New Zealand—one of the most beautiful, unspoiled, sensuous places in the world.

Love All of Me is part of Mollie Mathew’s bestselling series, True Love Stories.

If this is the first time you have read a True Love story, you can easily read each book as a standalone.

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