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Bradley Farm: ...a legacy of love!

Bradley Farm: ...a legacy of love! (Bradley Farm Series Book 1)

by Mary Jane Forbes

FBT review:

Experience a heartwarming journey of love, secrets, and the struggle to protect a cherished legacy in "Bradley Farm: ...a legacy of love!" by Mary Forbes. In this captivating indie romance, Jane is determined to prove herself as a city girl adapting to country life on her high school sweetheart's family farm. With her husband serving in Vietnam, Jane battles her disapproving in-laws and uncovers hidden family secrets. Along the way, she must save the struggling farm from overwhelming debt and solve lingering mysteries. Will she succeed in creating a home that honors her husband's heroic legacy? This first book in the Bradley Farm series combines romance, mystery, and the complexities of family dynamics, making it a perfect choice for readers seeking a heartwarming and inspiring page-turner. Dive into this captivating novel today and join Jane on her journey to find love, happiness, and her place in the world.

Publisher Description:

Rebellious love. Hidden secrets. It may just take a city girl to save the family farm…

Jane dreams of marrying her high school sweetheart and raising a brood of kids on his beloved family farm. Despite her parents’ disapproval and her boyfriend’s draft card, she exchanges hurried vows before he ships off to Vietnam. Back on the farm, Jane must fight her own battle with a mother-in-law who frowns on her big city upbringing.

Determined to prove she’s cut out for country living, the fiery redhead rolls up her sleeves to explore every inch of the family business. Beneath creaking floorboards and layers of dust, she unearths ghostly secrets… and a rising mountain of debt that threatens to tear her dreams for the future apart. To save the homestead, she schemes up a plan to bring the old farm into the modern age and out of the hands of the collectors.

Under the shadow of unsolved mysteries and the critical eye of her mother-in-law, can she hold on to a home-sweet-home worthy of her heroic husband… if he ever returns at all?

Bradley Farm is the first romantic mystery in a sweeping family saga series. If you like touching tales of young love, strong-willed heroines, and rustic country backdrops, then you’ll love Mary Jane Forbes’ story of finding your way home.

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