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Baker Girl Trilogy

Baker Girl Trilogy

by Mary Jane Forbes

FBT review:

Indulge in the deliciously delightful Baker Girl Trilogy: Box Set - 3 Books (The Baker Girl) by Mary Jane Forbes. This captivating romance series follows the adventures of pastry chef Star Bloom as she navigates the world of baking competitions, mysterious donations, and even murder.

In Book 1, "One Summer," Star finds herself working at a mom and pop diner, where she meets intriguing characters and catches the eye of a charming patron. Can she win the televised cooking show and fulfill her dream of opening her own bakery?

Book 2, "Promises," sees Star's bakery dreams getting a boost from an anonymous donor. But when a poisoning occurs, she must solve the mystery before it ruins everything she's worked for.

In the final installment, "A Cupcake to Die For," Star has her own cooking show and is engaged to the love of her life. However, murder and jealousy make their way onto the menu, threatening to destroy her dreams.

If you crave a cozy romantic mystery with delectable treats, surprising twists, and plenty of humor, then The Baker Girl Trilogy is perfect for you. Get your copy today and savor the mouthwatering blend of romance and mystery!

Publisher Description:

BOOK 1 Her eye is on the bake-off prize. His heart is set on winning her over. Will they cook up a fresh batch of love or a recipe for disaster?

Down-and-out pastry chef Star Bloom has no choice but to swallow her pride and take a job at a mom and pop diner. But the goofy antics of a fellow waiter and the attentions of a sexy patron are starting to lift her sour mood. When her new friends help her land a spot on a televised cooking show, she’s hopeful it’ll be the big break she needs to open up her own bakery.

One Summer is the first novel in The Baker Girl series of delectable cozy romantic mysteries. If you like nail-biting bake-offs, sweet love stories, and a heaping spoonful of humor, then you’ll love Mary Jane Forbes’ toothsome tale.

BOOK 2 A mysterious donation. A deadly poisoning. One pastry chef must follow the cupcake crumbs to solve a murder… and save her bakery.

After a heartbreaking TV bake-off, Star Bloom thought her restaurant dreams were spoiled until an anonymous donor leaves her a small fortune. With her bakery’s finishing touches nearly in place, she can’t wait for the grand opening and an appearance from the special guest who stole her heart.

Promises is the second novel in The Baker Girl series of delicious romantic cozy mysteries. If you like scrumptious love stories, shocking twists, and a dash of hilarity, then you’ll love Mary Jane Forbes’ flavorful whodunit.

BOOK 3 She’s landed her own cooking show. He’s popped the question. But when murder and jealousy are on the menu, someone’s bound to get burned…

Aspiring celebrity chef Star is ready to take Hollywood by storm. With a Bake-Off hosting gig in the works and Tyler’s shiny new engagement ring on her finger, she thinks all her dreams are about to come true. But her sweet fantasy turns horribly sour when her producer drops dead, poisoned by a deadly cupcake…

A Cupcake to Die For is the third book in the Baker Girl romantic cozy mystery trilogy. If you like quirky characters, page-turning action, and delicious soulmates, then you’ll adore Mary Jane Forbes’ delightful trilogy conclusion.

Buy The Baker Girl Trilogy to treat yourself to a tasty romantic mystery today!

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