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A Journey for Dorothy: The Reluctant Wagon Train Bride - Book 8

A Journey for Dorothy: The Reluctant Wagon Train Bride - Book 8

by Pauline Creeden

FBT review:

Embark on an unforgettable journey with "A Journey for Dorothy: The Reluctant Wagon Train Bride - Book 8" by Pauline Creeden. Join Dorothy, a brokenhearted widow seeking a fresh start, and Reverend Elias Stone, a devoted man on a mission, as they navigate the rugged Oregon Trail. This clean and captivating romance novel follows their intertwined destinies as they overcome challenges and find unexpected love. Will Dorothy open her heart again? Will Elias fulfill his calling while discovering a new path? Explore themes of faith, love, and second chances in this engaging story set against the backdrop of the Wild West. Don't miss out on this compelling tale of hope and transformation. Get your copy now on!

Publisher Description:

“The west is too wild for an unwed woman. If you want to ride on my wagon train and make it to Oregon, you’ll need to find yourself a husband.”

THE RELUCTANT WAGON TRAIN BRIDE ~ Twenty brides find themselves in a compromising situation – they have to get married in order to travel to Oregon on their wagon train. Each story in the series is a clean, standalone romance. Will the bride end up falling in love with their reluctant husband? Or will they get an annulment when they reach Oregon? Each bride has a different story ~ Read each one and don’t miss out!


A brokenhearted widow looking for a fresh start and a devoted reverend on a mission –
brought together by destiny on the rugged Oregon Trail.

Dorothy Mason swore that she’d never marry again when her husband passed away five years ago. She just wasn’t interested in her heart being broken again. But living in her old house in Virginia kept breaking it by reminding her daily of her times with her husband, and she was having a difficult time letting go. So, her sister’s letter convinces her to get a fresh start by traveling west on the wagon train to Oregon. But once she’s given up her life and everything dear to her and arrives in Missouri, Dorothy discovers that she can’t move forward unless she considers getting married again.

Reverend Elias Stone doesn’t quite believe in Manifest Destiny but does believe in bringing lost souls to the Lord. With so many lost people moving out west in search of gold and riches, Elias feels a calling on his life to make a move in that direction, himself. So, he arranges to join a wagon train heading to Oregon and California. But before the journey even starts, he finds himself in a harrowing situation that could take his life, calling, and ability to travel away from him. Only by considering a marriage to a woman he doesn’t even know can he continue, but is this really God’s plan for him?

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