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Lady of Fire

Lady of Fire

by Janeen O'Kerry

FBT review:

Step back in time with "Lady of Fire," a captivating romance novel by Janeen O'Kerry. Join graduate student Christine Connolly as she stumbles upon a remarkable golden torque at a yard sale, transporting her to ancient Ireland. There, she encounters the brave warrior Ailin and his people, who believe she is a goddess. As Christine struggles with being adored rather than loved, she begins to question her desires. Re-edited and with a new cover, this enchanting tale of love and self-discovery is a must-read for fans of indie book titles. Immerse yourself in the Celtic Journeys series, where each book tells a complete story, guaranteeing a delightful escape into the past. Indulge in the magic of "Lady of Fire" available now on

Publisher Description:

Celtic Journeys Series: A modern woman travels through time to an ancient Irish warrior, who believes she is a goddess come to earth.

Each book in the Celtic Journeys series tells a complete story, so they may be read in any order.

Battlefield violence. Some scenes of encounters between consenting adults over the age of 21. No part of this book was created using artificial intelligence (AI) software of any kind.

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