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Wolf Spell

Wolf Spell

by M.R. Polish

FBT review:

Step into the supernatural world of "Wolf Spell" by M.R. Polish, a thrilling romance novel that will captivate fans of indie book titles. Follow the journey of an eighteen-year-old witch who finds herself kidnapped and thrown into a world of magic she never knew existed. As she unravels her newfound powers, she also discovers that she has a soulmate she never knew about. But things take a dangerous turn when she must awaken five dead witches from their tomb. With each chapter, the pull towards her soulmate intensifies, leaving her in a race against time to master her magic and survive the trials ahead.

"Wolf Spell" is a paranormal romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat, blending supernatural elements with a gripping love story. Perfect for readers who enjoy fade-to-black romances, this book is a must-read for those seeking an escape into a world of mystery and enchantment.

Publisher Description:

Kidnapped? Check.
Find out I’m a witch? Double check.
Learn I have a soulmate? Triple check.
Awaken five dead witches from a tomb? And…. We have a runner!
Seriously, at eighteen, this was not how I envisioned my first year on my own to go. They say being an adult is hard, but try being one and finding out you have to wake the dead! Yeah, it’s a whole new level of complicated. Add in the fact that the strange tug I’ve been feeling is getting worse, leading me to my soul mate, a man I didn’t even know existed, and you can kind of understand why I’m freaking out a bit.

Magic is not something to play with.

Oh, no.

Magic is something that happens to you. It becomes a part of you. Every tendril of wispy energy weaves its way through your soul until you are consumed by it.

Now. I just have to survive long enough to learn how to use it.

*Wolf Spell is a paranormal with fade to black romance*

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