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Exploding: A Mafia Romance

Exploding: A Mafia Romance (The O'Keefe Family Collection Book 1)

by Tuesday Embers

FBT review:

Get ready for a heart-racing adventure with Exploding: A Mafia Romance, the first book in The O'Keefe Family Collection Trilogy by Tuesday Embers. This modern-day retelling of Romeo and Juliet takes you into the dangerous world of feuding mafia families, where Fallyn O'Keefe must choose between her family and her secret lover, Vince. Fallyn's dream of running her own bakery is threatened when she falls for Vince, the head of the rival family. As their romance blossoms, so does the threat of violence and danger. Caught in the middle of two feuding families, Fallyn must risk everything to save her business, her secret love and her own life. With powerful characters and an intense plot, Exploding will keep you on edge till the last page. Award-winning author Tuesday Embers crafts a gripping tale of passion, family loyalty and the perilous world of the mafia in this compelling tale. Don’t miss this thrilling mafia romance available on Amazon.

Publisher Description:

A modern-day dark mafia romance take on Romeo and Juliet.

When Fallyn O’Keefe breaks away from her overbearing brothers to open a bakery on her own, she thinks her biggest problem will be defending her storefront from the violence of the rival family.

After all, how could it be worse than that?

Fallyn soon learns how bad things can get when Vince, the older, terrifying head from the enemy family, shows up with flowers instead of a fight. If either of their families were to get word of their burgeoning romance, the feuding between the families could escalate from fists to firearms.

Vince’s family would rather see Fallyn chased back into the east end of the city with the rest of the brawling O’Keefes, but Vince has other things in mind.

Caught between her family and the possibility of more, Fallyn must decide just how much she’s willing to sacrifice to keep her business, her secret love, and her life.

This is book one in The O'Keefe Family Collection Trilogy, written by Tuesday Embers - a pen name for a USA Today bestselling author.

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