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A Soldier's Vow

A Soldier's Vow

by Angelica Kate

FBT review:

Introducing "A Soldier's Vow" by Angelica Kate – the captivating and emotional conclusion to an incredible romance series. In this heartwarming tale, Lane, a former soldier, finds himself alone raising his baby daughter after the tragic loss of his wife. With the support of his ex-military buddies, their loved ones, and Sydney, a friend indebted to Lane, he begins to rebuild his life and find love again.

As Lane navigates the challenges of being a single father, a new business venture, and the complexity of his evolving relationships, readers will be drawn into a story filled with hope, healing, and the power of friendship. "A Soldier's Vow" expertly explores themes of resilience, second chances, and the importance of finding strength in times of adversity.

Perfect for fans of indie romance novels, this book will leave readers feeling inspired and fulfilled. Rich with emotional depth, unforgettable characters, and an irresistibly touching storyline, "A Soldier's Vow" is a must-read for anyone searching for their next captivating eBook.

Publisher Description:

THIS BOOK IS THE FOLLOW-UP AND FINALE OF ‘A SOLDIER’S PROMISE’ AND ‘A SOLDIER’S OATH’ Sarah had always been Lane’s strength, the woman who saw him through all the difficult times, even the death of a team member who had been like a brother to him. Finally, he had decided to leave the military and devote his time to the love of his life, and his newborn daughter. But fate steps in and all that changes in the matter of one terrible day. Left alone to raise his baby daughter, Lane struggles to find a footing on the path toward the future that is his new reality. With the help of his ex-military buddies, their significant others and friends, he begins to live again, helming a new business and taking care of his child. Sydney has been friends with Clementine through college, and now is her partner in a new business venture. Their friendship extends to Clementine’s fiancé Jett along with his buddies from his military service, so when Lane’s wife passes away unexpected Sydney is there to help support him and his infant daughter in any way needed. She owes Lane for saving her life during a mission trip, and she had been friends with Sarah. The circle of friends come together to support Lane in his grief, but none of them are expecting the changes that assistance might bring.

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