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FBT review:

Embark on a journey of love, faith, and self-discovery with "VIOLA" by Norelle Smith. Follow Viola, a young woman who strays from her Christian upbringing and finds herself entangled in the world of online dating. When she meets the charming Conner, she believes she has found everything she ever wanted. But as their relationship takes a unexpected turn, Viola must find strength in unexpected places to navigate the challenges ahead. Will her parents' prayers be enough to guide her on the right path? This captivating romance novel is a must-read for fans of indie book titles looking for a story that will inspire and captivate. Order your copy of "VIOLA" today on

Publisher Description:

When Viola Enza, a young woman from South Africa, struggles to live by the ways of her Christian parents, she turns away from the Bible and the church she grew up in. She falls into a web of online dating and meets the charming Conner. He’s sweet, caring, and most of all, everything a woman could dream of having.

He promises to give Viola everything she desires and live out their dreams together. That is, until he gets her back to his hometown in Texas.

Viola never expects to find a safe harbor in a kind neighbor from the threats that surround her. Her parents’ prayers become a war room against one final lesson that could change everything. But will it be enough to fight for her relationship? Or will she be led down a different path?

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