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Ties That Bind: A Second Chance Romance

Ties That Bind: A Second Chance Romance

by Celeste Night

FBT review:

Discover a thrilling second chance romance in "Ties That Bind" by Celeste Night. Nia Mason is desperate to protect her family, leading her to make a pact with a dangerous figure. But when she meets Enzo Renzetti, she knows she should stay away. Enzo is captivating, mysterious, and potentially lethal. After a night of passion, Nia flees, only to find herself back in Strathmore years later, on a collision course with Enzo once again. Will they succumb to their undeniable chemistry or will their complicated past tear them apart? If you love indie romance novels filled with passion, danger, and the power of second chances, then "Ties That Bind" is a must-read. Get your copy today on

Publisher Description:


Feeling like I had no other options, I made a deal with the devil. Family is the most important thing, right? Along the way, I met Enzo Renzetti and my heart knew I should stay away from him. He was gorgeous, dark, but most importantly dangerous. After one night of passion that would change my life forever, I ran, but fate has a funny way of coming full circle. I’m back in Strathmore and I know it’s inevitable we’ll cross paths again.


My destiny was always to take over my father’s criminal empire. I didn’t have time for love, especially after being burned once. Nia Mason was everything that I wanted in a woman: gorgeous, determined, and quick-witted with a smart mouth, but after she vanished I swore off relationships. Years later, she’s reappeared and I haven’t decided if I want to destroy her or claim her for myself.

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