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The Turtle and the Rock

The Turtle and the Rock (FUC Academy Book 18)

by Amanda Kimberley

FBT review:

Embark on a thrilling and romantic journey with "The Turtle and the Rock" by Amanda Kimberley. In this FUC Academy novel, meet Teo and Treasure, whose love is put to the test when a sinister plot threatens to tear them apart. Filled with shapeshifters, intrigue, and undeniable passion, this standalone book set in Eve Langlais' EveL Worlds will captivate fans of supernatural romance. Join Teo, a phoenix and rock agama, as he fiercely protects Treasure from danger, making him her unwavering rock. Perfect for readers who enjoy indie romance books, "The Turtle and the Rock" offers a unique twist on the Furry United Coalition series, promising an enchanting and captivating read that will leave you wanting more.

Publisher Description:

He's her rock, and she's his everything.
What happens when the Shifter Hellenic Island Talks (SHIT) go down because of another Zagan scheme? Plenty!
Will Teo be able to keep his Treasure out of harm's way once she becomes the object of Zagan's evil plot to steal her blood? 
Being a phoenix and rock agama, Teo was her rock in more ways than one. But once Treasure knows the truth about Teo and who his father betrothed him to, will she want to fight to keep her love?
The Turtle and the Rock is a Furry United Coalition Newbie Academy (FUCN'A) book, set in Eve Langlais' EveL Worlds. This book is a standalone, but you can read about Harriet and Lear, and the start of Zagan's villainy, in The Turtle and the Hare!
Does this premise and world seem familiar? That's because it is based off the Eve Langlais Furry United Coalition. Eve Langlais has invited her author friends to come and play in her world.

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