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The Selkie Bride: A Historical Scottish Paranormal Romance

The Selkie Bride: A Historical Scottish Paranormal Romance (The Selkie Series Book 2)

by Melanie Jackson

FBT review:

Discover a captivating tale of love, danger, and ancient Scots magic in "The Selkie Bride: A Historical Scottish Paranormal Romance" by Melanie Jackson. Set in a quaint Scottish village plagued by a curse, Megan Culbin escapes her abusive marriage to start anew. Little does she know that she will soon encounter a deadly creature from the depths of the sea. But she finds an unexpected ally in Lachlan, a mysterious and powerful warrior. Together, with the help of a possibly ghostly cat, they must vanquish their foe and unlock the secrets of a stolen heart. This page-turning paranormal romance is perfect for fans of indie book titles who crave an enthralling and unique story.

Publisher Description:

Into the Gloaming

Recently widowed, Megan Culbin was glad to escape her abusive marriage and start over in an inherited cottage in a quaint Scottish village. Yes, all here was not as it seemed. Legend had it Finloss was cursed. And the coastal town, once home to witches and sea monsters, would soon see a creature far deadlier.

"[A] page-turning paranormal romance!"

But out of the sea and mist came an ally, a protector. The strange, distant and dangerous Lachlan was as powerful as he was handsome, and his thirst for vengeance could no more be denied than his passion for Megan. Together with an inherited (and possibly ghostly) cat, Megan and her Selkie warrior would destroy their merciless foe, uncover an ancient Scots magic... and solve the mystery of a stolen heart.

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