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The Preacher and the Shopkeeper

The Preacher and the Shopkeeper (Unlikely Love)

by Irene Onorato

FBT review:

Discover a heartwarming and unlikely love story in "The Preacher and the Shopkeeper" by Irene Onorato. Set in the struggling town of Industrial City, Ava Starling is desperately trying to uplift her community through her thrift store. When the handsome and charismatic Brandon Sparks becomes the new pastor of the defunct Union Street Church, sparks fly between him and Ava. However, misunderstandings and trust issues threaten to keep them apart. As they work together to serve the needs of their community, they soon realize that their lives are changing in ways they never anticipated. Will Ava be able to overcome her animosity towards Brandon and accept his help? This beautifully written romance will capture your heart and leave you believing in the power of love. Get your copy of "The Preacher and the Shopkeeper" today and be inspired by this touching story of love, forgiveness, and redemption.

Publisher Description:

Industrial City, Ava Starling’s hometown, is struggling to survive with businesses and industries closing and jobs at a minimum. She’s desperately trying to help assist the needy through the thrift store she owns and operates, but homelessness is on the rise. Ava doubts the recent assignment of the young and handsome Brandon Sparks as senior pastor of the defunct Union Street Church can breathe hope into empty hearts.

When Ava and Brandon meet, sparks fly but misunderstandings and trust issues ensue. Only Ava’s mother knows the true reason behind her daughter’s resistance to the new pastor, but it’s only a matter of time before Brandon discovers why Ava holds animosity toward him. Will she learn to accept his offers of help or continue to resist his hand of friendship? Working together to meet the needs of the community might forever change both their lives more than either can ever anticipate.

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