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The Perfect Kiss

The Perfect Kiss (Sinful Pleasures #4)

by A.L. Long

FBT review:

Looking for an explosive, heart-pounding romance book that will leave you breathless? Look no further than "The Perfect Kiss" by A.L. Long, the thrilling conclusion to the Sinful Pleasures Series. This mafia romance suspense is filled with twists, turns, and steamy scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Davian Cross and Reyna McCall's story continues as they fight against betrayal and secrecy to finally be together. With the empire of Crosby McCall on the line, nothing will stop Davian from getting what he wants, and Reyna will never be separated from him again. Recommended for mature audiences, "The Perfect Kiss" is a must-read for fans of indie book titles looking for their next captivating read.

Publisher Description:

Crosby McCall will pay for what he has done.

He will never replace Rui Salko.

Sooner or later, his empire will fall, and he will join his brother once and for all.

Nothing will stop me from getting what I want.

Reyna and I will live the life we were meant to share, and no one will separate us again, ever.

The story between Davian Cross and Reyna McCall continues with Book Four, the final book of the Sinful Pleasures Series. The Perfect Kiss is explosive, and everything you have waited to learn will finally be revealed. It is suggested that you read books one, two, and three of the Sinful Pleasures Series first.

“Heart pounding and pulls you in from start to finish. The characters, detail, twists, and overall flow are amazing. You are sucked into this story with your jaw on the floor. I need more!”— Goodreads

“The first book was good, but the second book is fantastic. It has the perfect mix of suspense, twists, turns, and steamy scenes. The end will leave you waiting for the next in the series! Enjoy!” — Goodreads

Contains adult content and is not intended for audiences under 18.

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