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The Ferret and the Fossa

The Ferret and the Fossa (FUC Academy Book 29)

by Amanda Kimberley

FBT review:

Enter the enchanting world of "The Ferret and the Fossa" by Amanda Kimberley, a captivating romance novel set in the exciting realm of FUC Academy. Follow the journey of Carol, a fearless ferret shifter, as she embarks on thrilling global assignments and discovers that her solitary life might be missing a vital companion. When she crosses paths with Rayan, a charming fossa prince facing his own challenges, their unlikely alliance blossoms into something more profound. Will they unravel the mystery of Rayan's missing father and find love amidst danger? Dive into this delightful tale of friendship, adventure, and romance that will warm your heart and keep you eagerly turning the pages. Purchase your copy today and get ready for a wild ride!

Publisher Description:

Is he a cat? A dog? A mongoose? Nah, he's a fossa, and this ferret is about to tunnel her way into his heart!


Carol seems to live every girl's dream. She's a ferret shifter with the best job in the world. As a COC handler at FUCN'A, she has the opportunity to travel worldwide on assignments. She answers to no one, which suits her just fine. But once she meets Rayan, a smooth-talking fossa, she begins to wonder if something has been missing from her picture-perfect life. Carol's kind craves companionship, and she's been burrowing solo for way too long.
Fossas— Madagascar's top predator—like Ray are rather solitary creatures, and he's quite happy with his way of life. Unfortunately, his father has gone missing, and now Prince Rayan has to speak for their territory at the Shifter Hellenic Island Talks. What's worse, being in the limelight has made him a target, too, and he's assigned a combat-boot-wearing pint-sized pocket pet as his protector!


When the fantastically fragrant ferret moves in and takes over the fossa's space, will he remain a creature of habit and push her away like he's done with all rest? Or will these two unlikely allies bond while discovering the truth about Rayan's father?

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