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Tainted Temptation

Tainted Temptation (Nanny For The Billionaire Duet)

by Zenna Rose

FBT review:

Dive into the irresistible world of "Tainted Temptation (Nanny For The Billionaire Duet)" by Zenna Rose, a sizzling age gap romance that will leave you craving more. Meet Noah Hayes, a billionaire with a magnetic charm that draws in our protagonist, a nanny in need of change. As their forbidden attraction grows, their worlds collide in a whirlwind of passion and desire. But with secrets looming and hearts on the line, can their love survive the challenges ahead? Perfect for fans of steamy contemporary romances, this novel is the ultimate blend of tension, temptation, and raw emotion. Get ready to be captivated by this enthralling story that will leave you breathless for the next installment.

Publisher Description:

***Tainted Temptations is book one of The Nanny for the Billionaire Duet. It is an age gap, forced proximity, steamy contemporary romance, and ends on a cliffhanger.***

My body craves him. My mind resists him. My heart fears him.

Noah Hayes is a sinful temptation with a sex appeal, unlike any man I’ve ever met. He’s also twice my age...and my new boss. After years of working a job I despised, for the sake of a family I was forced to support, I had enough. Finding a new job should have been simple, but working as a nanny for billionaire Noah Hayes is anything but. He may be arrogant and self-involved, but I can’t stop myself from wanting him. When I find myself in his arms and in his bed, I allow myself a moment to hope. But how could I have known what was coming for us...and how it would break us?

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