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Second Chance for Mr. Alden: An Opposites Attract, Bodyguard Romance

Second Chance for Mr. Alden: An Opposites Attract, Bodyguard Romance (Curvy Ever After Book 4)

by Stephanie Harrell

FBT review:

Discover the captivating world of "Second Chance for Mr. Alden: An Opposites Attract, Bodyguard Romance" by Stephanie Harrell. Immerse yourself in this heartwarming tale of two people from different worlds, brought together by fate.

When billionaire Alden is forced to become the bodyguard for curvy influencer, their worlds collide in unexpected ways. As they navigate the dangers of a looming threat, their unresolved feelings resurface. Can they find love amidst the chaos?

This steamy romance is filled with passion, suspense, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after. If you love second chance romances with strong, relatable characters, then this book is perfect for you. Dive into the magic of "Second Chance for Mr. Alden" and let yourself be swept away!

Publisher Description:

We could never coexist because we come from two different worlds.

I swore I’d never see her again. I made sure of it. But when I found her on my doorstep needing my help, I couldn’t turn her away.

My role as her bodyguard is to keep her safe, but she fights me at every turn. How can I do my job if she won’t follow the rules I set for her?

When her life is threatened, and we are forced to go into hiding, I have no idea how I’m going to protect my heart, much less her.

Just like when I left nine years ago, my feelings are too strong. In this business, feelings only distract—and distracted bodyguards get people killed.

I'll do whatever is necessary to protect her even if it means burning the world to the ground in order to keep her safe.

Fans of second chance romance will devour this Aladdin inspired retelling.

Second Chance for Mr. Alden is a dual POV steamy romance filled with lust, language, and love with a guaranteed happily-ever-after. It is part of the fairy tale inspired Curvy Ever After series and can be read as a standalone.

Author Notes:
An afraid to commit billionaire, opposites attract, one-bed romance with a brooding, grumpy bodyguard with a heart of gold who’s given up on love and a curvy influencer afraid to trust. This one has all the feels and enough steam to fog up your windows.

The books in the Curvy Ever After series are all standalone novels and can be read in any order. But if you love family drama and the subtle build of future romances, I suggest you read them in order, starting with Fake Dating Mr. Prince.

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