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Savage Hearts: A Dark Fantasy Romance

Savage Hearts: A Dark Fantasy Romance

by Mary E. Twomey

FBT review:

Embark on an electrifying journey with "Savage Hearts: A Dark Fantasy Romance" by Mary E. Twomey. In this gripping tale, Addy must navigate a world where her hidden abilities are hunted by a rebel faction. When she finds unexpected protectors in three fierce warriors, she discovers that there is more to them than meets the eye, and more to herself as well. As danger looms and secrets unravel, Addy faces a heart-wrenching choice between safety and the pull of her heart. If you crave a mix of Veronica Roth and Bella Forrest with a touch of sweetness and scandal, this urban fantasy romance series is a must-read. Immerse yourself in this USA Today Bestselling Author's enthralling world today and prepare for a thrilling ride!

Publisher Description:

Addy knows her secret ability can't remain hidden forever, but when a rebel faction hunts her down, everything she thought she could handle goes up in flames.

When three men from a warrior tribe collide with her attackers, it's all Addy can do to hold on to her secret, and what's left of her heart. There are many things the warriors are known for, but kindness isn't one of them. Yet the longer they travel together, the more Addy realizes there's more to them than muscle and magic... and more to her than her secret.

When her abilities come to light, Addy isn't sure if the guys can offer a safe place to hide, or if the trouble they bring might be worse than a life without their protection. Though she knows she has to leave them, her heart tells her to stay...

…Even if it means certain death.

If you like Veronica Roth, Bella Forrest, and first kisses with a bit of sweetness and scandal, you’ll love this urban fantasy romance series with a dystopian edge.

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