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Santa Clay: A Christmas novella loosely based on a true story

Santa Clay: A Christmas novella loosely based on a true story

by Deb Graham

FBT review:

Looking for a heartwarming indie book to get into the holiday spirit? Look no further than "Santa Clay: A Christmas novella" by Deb Graham. This delightful romance is loosely based on a true story and is perfect for anyone who loves Christmas and wants a feel-good read. Meg Mott, a busy wife and mother, tries to make Christmas special for her family, despite their recent loss. With the help of her sisters and some unlikely allies, they work to provide a magical Christmas for a needy family. Along the way, there's romance, a nosy neighbor, and even gifts from beyond the grave. If you're in the mood for some sweet Christmas cheer, "Santa Clay" is the perfect choice. Grab your copy now and get ready to be transported into the magic of the holiday season.

Publisher Description:

Meg Mott, wife of a student, mother of three kids under the age of four, lover of all things Christmas, scrapes together a meager heap of gifts for her family. Although they are grieving the loss of their Christmas-crazed parents, Meg and her sisters (named for Christmas spices) enlist friends and an unlikely Santa to provide Christmas for a needy family, but can they pull off a magical Christmas just a few days before the big day? Add in some romance, a nosy neighbor who’s determined to spoil everything, and gifts from beyond the grave, Santa Clay may be your new favorite holiday novella. If you're looking for some sweet, upbeat Christmas cheer with a strong female character, Santa Clay is for you! Be sure to read best-selling author Deb Graham's other books.

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