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Rescuing Hearts, Finding Riches: A Christian Historical Fiction Romance

Rescuing Hearts, Finding Riches: A Christian Historical Fiction Romance (An Unexpected Love and Bounty in the Texas Frontier Romance Book 2)

by Katie Wyatt

FBT review:

Embark on an unforgettable journey of love, adventure, and mystery in "Rescuing Hearts, Finding Riches" by Katie Wyatt. This captivating Christian historical romance takes readers to the Texas frontier, where Teresa Milligan's insatiable curiosity leads her to lawyer Pete Wentworth. Through their enchanting correspondence, they unravel a tantalizing clue to a buried treasure, setting off a race against bandits and an age-old curse. Will their love be enough to conquer the obstacles in their path? Find out in this enthralling tale of unexpected love and bounty. Join Teresa and Pete as they navigate the unknown and discover the true treasures of their hearts. Perfect for fans of indie romance novels, this clean and wholesome story is sure to captivate readers of all ages.

Publisher Description:

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of their destiny from Bestselling Christian Historical author Katie Wyatt?
In the enigmatic world of Teresa Milligan's unquenchable curiosity and an elusive adventure, a fateful correspondence with lawyer Pete Wentworth sets the stage for an enthralling journey.

Teresa's insatiable quest for knowledge has led her down countless paths, yet adventure has remained a distant dream. Serendipity takes hold when her letters connect her to Pete, who resides in a town shrouded in legends of buried treasure. Their union promises not only love but also the allure of the unknown.

Captivated by Teresa's intellect, Pete is drawn into her world, but as her curiosity unveils a clue to the mythical treasure, his joy turns to concern. The town's ominous curse resurfaces, and Pete must become her savior, racing against bandits to secure their "happy-ever-after."

Will love conquer all, or will destiny's unpredictable hand unravel their dreams? Join this enigmatic odyssey, where curiosity meets fate, in a tale of longing, treasure, and extraordinary adventure.

Read all the books in An Unexpected Love and Bounty in the Texas Frontier Romance.
Book 1 Through the Lens of Love
Book 2 Rescuing Hearts, Finding Riches
Book 3 Heartstrings and Hidden Gold

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