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Out of Control

Out of Control (The McClouds & Friends Book 3)

by Shannon McKenna

FBT review:

Embark on a thrilling romantic journey with "Out of Control," the third installment in The McClouds & Friends series by Shannon McKenna. Follow P.I. Davy McCloud as he navigates the dangerous line between desire and self-control when he meets the alluring Margot Vetter. As they are thrown together by unforeseen circumstances, sparks fly and passions ignite, leading them both into a perilous game of survival. With Margot framed for murder, Davy must protect her from a sinister enemy while battling his own inner demons. If you enjoy intense romance, gripping suspense, and irresistible chemistry, this indie book is a must-read for fans seeking a riveting and unforgettable escape.

Publisher Description:

In Behind Closed Doors and Standing In The Shadows, you met the dangerously sexy and rugged McCloud Brothers. Now it’s Davy McCloud’s turn to encounter a woman who will put him to the test on every level…

Don’t get too close…

That’s P.I. Davy McCloud’s unwavering rule when it comes to women. He likes to keep his world strictly under control. But when the seductive and fascinating Margot Vetter starts teaching at the gym next door, his ironclad rules go straight to hell. He can’t control the hunger she awakens in him, or the powerful instinct to protect her…and then claim her as his own.

On the run…

Margot’s been framed for murder. Broke and desperate, she has no choice but to ask Davy McCloud’s help. But the closer she gets to this sexy, enigmatic man, the harder it becomes to hold anything back from him…at all. Or even remember why she’s trying to.

But it’s a bad time to be blindsided by passion, because the monstrous evil lurking in Margot’s past is running her down fast. Soon they’ll be fighting back to back, just to stay alive…

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