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Naked Memory : Amnesia Romance, Doctors Secrets, Medical Suspense Doctor Love Story

Naked Memory (Book 1): Amnesia Romance, Doctors Secrets, Medical Suspense Doctor Love Story

by Rachel J. Green

FBT review:

Looking for a captivating and intriguing romance novel to dive into? Look no further than "Naked Memory (Book 1): Amnesia Romance, Doctors Secrets, Medical Suspense Doctor Love Story" by Rachel J. Green. This steamy medical romance follows the story of Kathy, who wakes up after an accident with no memory of her past. As she tries to piece together her life, Kathy discovers hidden secrets and uncertain relationships. Trust becomes a luxury she cannot afford. With a love interest in the form of Dr. Glover and a mysterious friend named Donna, Kathy must navigate her world cautiously. If you enjoy indie book titles and are looking for a captivating read, don't miss out on "Naked Memory." Grab your copy today and uncover Kathy's deepest desires.

Publisher Description:

Broken and confused, Kathy knew one thing for sure...

She survived the accident…

…but her memories were gone.

How would she piece together who she was?

When she woke up, she couldn’t remember her name. The people said they were her parents and they seemed familiar, but she struggled to recognize them. The woman who said she was her friend was hiding something.

Why didn’t she trust Donna?

Back at her childhood home, surrounded by things that might help her remember, Kathy struggled to unravel the puzzle that had become her life. Her body was healing, but the amnesia remained. The man who came to dinner, Dr. Glover, gave her the sense they had been more than colleagues.

Had they been lovers?

Would returning to work be the answer?

In this new world of hers, where friends and lovers can’t be trusted, Kathy wondered where she could turn and whom she could trust.

You’ll love the next installment of this Steamy Medical Romance series, because her deepest desires are hidden to her, for now, but they won’t stay that way for long.

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