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Miss Florist's Sweet Billionaire

Miss Florist's Sweet Billionaire

by Bianca Rivers

FBT review:

Welcome to the enchanting world of Miss Florist's Sweet Billionaire, a heartwarming romance novel by the talented author, Bianca Rivers. This captivating story follows Grace, a passionate flower shop owner, who is determined to transform her mother's shop into a dream garden center. When her childhood crush, the irresistible now-billionaire Jack Keller, enters the picture with plans for a medical facility, Grace sees an opportunity to make her dreams come true.

As Grace and Jack work together to convince her parents to sell, sparks fly between them, creating a rollercoaster of emotions. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles and find their happily ever after? Set against the backdrop of a charming small town, this is a slow-burn love story that will leave you swooning.

Miss Florist's Sweet Billionaire is part of the West Coast Billionaires Saga but can be enjoyed as a standalone. With amusing banter, meddling parents, supportive siblings, and just the right amount of drama, this feel-good read will leave you smiling. Whether you're new to indie book titles or searching for your next captivating read, this charming novel is sure to enchant you.

Publisher Description:

I’m finally and officially the owner of the Wild Orchid, Estacada’s famous flower shop. But my mom is not quite ready to fully hand it over yet, so my dream of transforming it into a garden center will have to be put on hold. After all, I’m inexperienced and she knows best, right?
Wrong, but she’s not exactly a woman you can win an argument against. I’ve tried.

When the sexy-as-hell ex-bully Jack Keller shows up in our small town, however, an opportunity to get what I’ve always wanted presents itself to me. The sweet now-billionaire, whom I used to crush on in high school, and his sister want to build a medical facility for the research and treatment of paralysis. And my flower shop? It’s in the way, literally. So I decide to move it. If I help Jack and manage to relocate the Wild Orchid in the process, then that’s a win against my mom. If she budges once, she will budge twice, which means my dream of a garden center might not be that far off.
And if sparks fly between me and Jack as we work together to convince my parents to sell, well, that can’t be helped, can it? Even if it’s probably a bad idea considering mom and dad think he’s one of those evil corporation heirs who’s only here to line up his pockets with more money at the expense of our beloved Estacada.

Miss Florist’s Sweet Billionaire is a slow-burn small town romance between a sweet billionaire whose dream is to help his sister walk again and a passionate flower shop owner who wants to prove to her parents they don’t need to watch over her every step. This book is part of the West Coast Billionaires Saga but can be read as a standalone.

In this feel-good story, you can expect to find a sweet, goofy MMC, a snarky and equally goofy FMC, meddling parents, supportive siblings, food & flowers, steam, HEA, and just about the right amount of drama.

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