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Loving Abby

Loving Abby

by Angelica Kate

FBT review:

Looking for a captivating indie romance novel to add to your reading list? Look no further than "Loving Abby" by Angelica Kate. This emotionally-charged story follows Abby, a resilient young woman who, despite her traumatic past, has built a successful career at Halseth, Inc. under the guidance of retiring CEO Jack Halseth. But when Brandon Halseth takes over as CEO, Abby's life takes an unexpected turn. Brandon, known for his charismatic yet determined personality, is instantly drawn to Abby and makes it his mission to break down her walls. As their professional and personal lives intertwine, Abby and Brandon embark on a journey that will forever change their paths. With a blend of passion, suspense, and emotional depth, "Loving Abby" is a must-read for fans of indie romance novels. Pick up this compelling eBook today and get ready to be swept away by Angelica Kate's masterful storytelling.

Publisher Description:

Abby left home an emancipated, beaten and broken sixteen year old. Years later she is still tethered by the physical and emotional scars to the past. Having built a successful career at Halseth, Inc. under the steady tutelage of the retiring CEO Jack Halseth, she is in for the shock of her life when Brandon Halseth is named the new CEO. Brandon’s attention is much less altruistic and causing her to step outside her safely constructed existence. Brandon surrounds himself with smart people who can help shoulder the burden of the company’s success. Abby being the brilliant engineer in charge of the latest government contract, is one such person. Her off putting personality and personality quirks don’t deter him from making her his next “project.” The outcome for both of these people from such differing backgrounds will change the path of their lives forever.

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