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Kissing the Christmas Cowboy

Kissing the Christmas Cowboy

by Ellie Hall

FBT review:

Looking for a heartwarming holiday romance? Look no further than "Kissing the Christmas Cowboy" by Ellie Hall. Natalie Winters, a hardworking nanny from the wrong side of the tracks, finds herself working for the prestigious Ritchie family. Camden Ritchie, a widower and single dad, never expected to have a nanny who brings joy to his family and stirs up feelings he thought he had buried. But when disaster strikes, they must come together for a Christmas miracle. This clean and wholesome romance is part of the Richie Ranch series, but can be enjoyed as a standalone novel. Perfect for fans of indie book titles, this sweet cowboy romance will leave you with holiday cheer and a smile on your face. Grab your copy today!

Publisher Description:

She’s from the wrong side of the tracks. His life is a train wreck. Can they survive Christmas?

Natalie Winters grew up believing she wouldn’t amount to much. When her sister gets a new job that will help pay medical bills, Natalie takes her place as a nanny in one of the legendary Ritchie family households. She works hard and doesn’t want to be seen as a charity case, but opening her heart at Christmas is harder than she expects.

Camden Ritchie, a widower and single dad, adores his kids, but they’re a handful. When he hires a nanny, she has both Mary Poppins energy and gorgeous good looks—not at all what he expected. Since losing his wife, he’s been closed off, but she brings joy to the entire family. He can’t have her, but denying his love is harder than putting socks on a hog.

When disaster strikes involving four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves, and a dozen goats, they need a miracle to save the Christmas pageant, proving they might just have the family and true love they’re each looking for.

This is book 4 in the Richie Ranch Clean Cowboy Romance series. It stands alone, but don't miss the others in the series for a deeper, richer reading experience. It is a sweet, small-town, cowboy “clean and wholesome” romance that’s Christian faith-friendly without swearing or mature content and contains a happily ever after.

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