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by Elizabeth Forkey

FBT review:

IMMINENT (INFECTIOUS Book 3) is a fascinating romance book written by Elizabeth Forkey, perfect for readers who love indie book titles and are looking for something inspiring to read. The final part of the INFECTIOUS trilogy, it tells the story of Ivy, a vulnerable young woman who stands at the door, dressed like a princess, experiencing the most ridiculous misunderstanding in the history of misunderstandings. Her heart is pounding as she is about to meet the Antichrist, and she feels empty and unprepared. Ivy faces suffering and danger along the way, but she has faith in God to help her in her journey. This book will take you on an emotional rollercoaster and keep you guessing until the very end. It's ideal for readers seeking a book filled with love, peace, and companionship on the road to unfulfilled dreams. Get your copy of IMMINENT from Amazon to see how Ivy's journey unfolds.

Publisher Description:

Dressed in elegance, my hair arrayed in flawless ringlets, my makeup so fancy that I can't even find me in the mirror, I stand at the door with my heart hammering in my ears.

The whole thing is ludicrous.

It's the most ridiculous misunderstanding in the history of misunderstandings. It will be a weird ending to the weirdest day of my life. To be made up like a princess in a palace and then executed naked in the street, I'm so overwhelmed I can't even process it all. My stomach is flip-flopping like its on a trampoline. The baby is twisting and kicking my bladder, making me feel like I might pee my princess underpants. I keep trying to pray, to prepare myself. I'm about to stand in the presence of the Antichrist, and I feel empty, dry, and unprepared. God, help me.

The sands of time are almost spent, and Ivy has never been more vulnerable. Though suffering and great danger lie in store, The Sovereign One has ordered her steps and planned her course, and He has never failed her. Heights of love and depths of peace are comforts on the road to loss and unfulfilled dreams. Getting everyone home safely is all that matters now.

"But woe to those who are with child and to nursing mothers in those days." Matthew 24:19

The final book in the INFECtIOUS trilogy.

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