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The Tyrant's Secret Safe House: Bad Boy Billionaire, Enemies to Lovers Adult Romance

The Tyrant's Secret Safe House: Bad Boy Billionaire, Enemies to Lovers Adult Romance (Secrets - An Enemies to Lovers Adult Romance Series Book 1)

by Rachel Stone

FBT review:

Are you in the mood for an enemies-to-lovers adult romance with a twist of suspense? Look no further than "The Tyrant's Secret Safe House" by Rachel Stone. This engaging novel is the first book in the highly anticipated Secrets series, and it promises to keep you hooked from start to finish.

Meet Natalie, a financial executive who is tired of her tyrant boss. Matthew Cohen used to be a carefree friend, but now he's her grumpy CEO. When Natalie decides it's time to quit, fate has other plans. An alarm goes off and they find themselves trapped in Matthew's underground secret safe house.

As they navigate the confines of this forced proximity, sparks fly and tensions rise. Will Natalie be able to break through Matthew's tough exterior and find the man she used to know? Or will their professional boundaries be forever blurred?

If you're a fan of enemies-to-lovers romance with a dash of suspense, "The Tyrant's Secret Safe House" is the perfect read for you. Don't miss out on this captivating story full of passion and unexpected twists. Get your copy today!

Publisher Description:

A tyrant boss.
A secret safe house.
And only the sounds of our pleasure... to pass the time…

In my opinion, starting a new career as a financial executive is not all it’s cracked up to be, especially when my boss is a tyrant and a grumpy boss. My gut feelings tell me that enough is enough and I need to leave this job.

Matthew Cohen used to be an old friend. He is mature, good-looking, with chiseled abs, and my CEO. He was the fun, carefree type. Now his life has changed him into a grump and a tyrant. To pass the time during boring meetings, I fantasize about unwrapping his large package locked away inside his pants.

Natalie says I don’t respect her and my management style is cruel. She is trying to find the old Matthew she used to know, but I am a CEO now and that old Matthew is gone. Yet, there are days when I miss my carefree self.

Before I can quit, an alarm goes off.
Matthew and I end up in his underground secret safe house.
We cannot leave and our situation creates some delicious job perks (between the sheets).

Book One in the Secrets Series.
Enemies to Lovers Adult Romance.

This enemies-to-lovers romance is book one in the Secrets series. No cheating, no cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA.

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