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Healing the Storm

Healing the Storm

by Olivia Reign

FBT review:

Enter the captivating world of Healing the Storm, a gripping romance novel by Olivia Reign. Follow the journey of a woman determined to leave her past behind and start afresh in the vast expanse of Arizona. But when a tempestuous storm disrupts her plans, she finds herself drawn to an infuriatingly irresistible cowboy named Wade Littleton.

As the floodwaters rise, so does the undeniable attraction between them. Their fiery connection sparks a passion more intense than the raging lightning outside. But just as she thinks she can escape, their encounter takes an unexpected turn, leaving her questioning everything.

Perfect for fans of indie romance novels, Healing the Storm will captivate you from the very first page and leave you craving more. Experience the power of love in the face of adversity and find yourself immersed in a tale that will stir your heart and leave you yearning for the storm to never end. Don't wait, grab your copy of Healing the Storm on today!

Publisher Description:

He’s everything I never wanted, but Mother Nature has forced us together…

All I wanted was to escape my past, starting a new life out in Arizona with my dog, Takoda. I was intending to live a life full of adventure, alone… That’s the way I’ve always wanted it. No family, no problems.

But then he rolled in with the storm that ruined everything.

Now I’m stuck, putting my life in the hands of an insufferable—but sexy,rich cowboy named Wade Littleton. I can’t deny the heat rises faster than the floodwaters between us. His tight, hot body against mine is more electric than the lightening outside. But just when I think I can get out, chalking it up to a fling…

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