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Hawk: Jagged Edge Series Book Three: Romance Suspense

Hawk: Jagged Edge Series Book Three: Romance Suspense

by A.L. Long

FBT review:

Welcome to the thrilling world of "Hawk: Jagged Edge Series Book Three: Romance Suspense" by A.L. Long. This award-winning author's gripping novel will take you on a suspenseful journey filled with romance and intrigue.

Paige Harper escapes her unwanted past and embarks on a new life in New York. When her freedom is threatened, she seeks help from her friend Nikki Jennings. Nikki lands Paige a job at Hell's Gate, a quiet bar in a small Oklahoma town. Little did Paige know that her life was about to change when she meets Jayce "Hawk" Talbott.

Jayce never planned to return to Stillwater, Oklahoma, but family obligations bring him back. He is immediately drawn to Paige and is determined to unravel the mystery surrounding her. As their connection deepens, they soon find themselves in danger.

Will their intense attraction be enough to overcome the obstacles in their path, or will they be torn apart forever?

With its captivating storyline and mature content, "Hawk" is a must-read for fans of indie romance novels. Join A.L. Long's collection of novels that will keep you hooked from beginning to end.

Publisher Description:

Award-Winning Author of the Shattered Innocence Trilogy

Escaping from the life she didn’t want, Paige Harper finds her way to New York to live the one she had always dreamed of. When her freedom is compromised, she turns to her trusted friend, Nikki Jennings, to help her. Reaching out to an old friend, Nikki lands Paige a job at Hell’s Gate. Situated in a small town in Oklahoma, Paige accepts an offer as a bartender where pretty much nothing happens, at least that was until she met Hawk.

The last thing Jayce ‘Hawk’ Talbott wanted was to set foot in Stillwater, Oklahoma again, but when his brother contacted him about their mother’s failing health, he had no choice but to go back. His only goal was to take care of whatever needed to be taken care of, leave, and never come back. The only problem was Paige Harper. He had to have her. Something mysterious about her hooked him, and he was going to find out what it was, no matter what the cost. What he didn’t plan on was finding out more than he bargained for, ultimately putting them both in danger.

Will his need to have her win, or will he lose her forever?

This book contains adult content and is intended for mature audiences ( 18+).

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