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Fury of Destruction: Dragonfury, Book 7

Fury of Destruction: Dragonfury, Book 7 (Dragonfury 2.0 3)

by Coreene Callahan

FBT review:

Embark on a high-octane adventure with "Fury of Destruction: Dragonfury, Book 7" by Coreene Callahan. In this gripping romance novel, dragon warrior Gage must navigate a treacherous path to protect an innocent woman from danger. With the Nightfury lair under threat and his focus divided, Gage faces a crucial decision that could change everything. Meanwhile, Samantha Redhook finds herself in a perilous situation that could jeopardize her dreams and her life. Packed with intense action, fierce emotions, and scorching romance, this seventh installment in the Dragonfury series is a must-read for fans of fantasy and paranormal romance. Discover why readers rave about the Dragonfury series and dive into this thrilling read today.

Publisher Description:

In the seventh installment of Coreene Callahan’s bestselling Dragonfury series, a hard-edged dragon shifter must find mercy in order to save an innocent woman's life.

A man on the warpath…

Dragon warrior Gage has earned his brutal reputation. He strikes hard and fast, killing without mercy or remorse. But with the Nightfury lair full of females and a newly adopted son to protect, his ability to focus takes a hit. When one mistake leads to another, putting an innocent woman on enemy radar, he’s forced to decide—keep her safe by taking her with him or roll the dice and hope she goes unnoticed by the Razorback pack.

The woman in his way…

Samantha Redhook isn’t a pushover. She floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. But with her business failing, desperation pushes her to take a contract she normally wouldn’t have, landing her in a world of trouble. Can she save the situation before things get worse or will an error judgment put an end to her dreams, and then her life?

“The Dragonfury series is a definite keeper.” – Night Owl Reviews, 5 star Top Reviewer Pick

“Modern-day fantasy and paranormal with hot romance... storytelling at its best!” – Reader’s Entertainment Book Reviews

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